Vera Laporeva violinist

Concert with the Erasmus Trio

25/06/2021 @ 20:00
De Wegwijzer, Almere
Makassarweg 80
1335 HZ Almere
Adult: € 17,00; Youth up to 12 years: € 5,00
Erasmus Trio

Concert with the Erasmus Trio in De Wegwijzer, Almere with the works of Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Piazzolla.

With this program, the Erasmus Trio takes the audience on a  short trip around the world.
The journey begins in Polland with the piano trio “Dumky” by A. Dvorak . It is among the composer’s best-known works. The term “Dumky” introduced into Slavic languages from the Ukrainian and refers us to epic ballads. A.Dvořák used the dumka form in several other compositions. He completed the trio on 12 February 1891. It premiered in Prague on 11 April 1891, with violinist Ferdinand Lachner, cellist Hanuš Wihan, and Dvořák himself on piano.

The final destination of this short, one hour trip is Argentina, the land of beautiful tangos. With three different tangos, the Erasmus Trio displays the versatility of Piazzolla’s music.

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