„…Herrmann en Laporeva vormden de volmaakte eenheid: fijnzinnig, sprankelend pianospel en de aldus geëmancipeerde, stralende viool vonden elkaar tot in de kleinste nuances…“

– Delftsche Courant

„Meisterliches Duo! … Das sichere Zusammenspiel und die meisterliche Vortragskunst des Duos waren jederzeit deutlich zu erkennen. … Der Vortrag war getragen von einer überzeugenden inneren Dramaturgie, alles wirkte in sich stimmig.“

– Rheinische Post

“Vera Laporeva shows fine sense of melody and is contagious in her firm conviction.”

– De Noordoostpolder

“… the award-winning Instrumentalists Vera Laporeva (violin) and Thomas Herrmann (piano) performed in Bad Homburg’s Kurhaus-Foyer. Both musicians left the best impression with the Sonata for piano and violin by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed in the beginning of the evening, the violin starting with a perceptually rich, lyrical warm tone mirroring the wistful seriousness of the composer.”

– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Herrmann en Laporeva played so natural, made the music sound so obvious, you only later realized how special this was.”

– Noordhollands Dagblad

“Ludwig van Beethoven’s Triple concert for piano, violin, Violoncello and Orchestra, written in the year 1804, is rarely played and is not easy to cast. Soloist as well as chamber musical quality is expected of the soloists. Vera Laporeva (violin), Aleksandr Khramouchin (violoncello) and Thomas Herrmann (piano) succeeded in satisfying these demands. The soloists played the three-movement piece unpretentiously, but always fully concentrated and with great tone.”

– Neue Westfälische

“In the dynamic work (Fantasiestücke, op.73 by R. Schumann) with its quickly changing tempi shone first and foremost violinist Laporeva, who interpreted the drama of the work impressively with her over 250 year old instrument. … Fiery and temperamental Laporeva said goodbye with Johannes Brahms’ ‘Four Hungarian Dances’.”

– Frankfurter Neue Presse

“Herrmann and Laporeva formed the perfect unit: delicate, sparkling piano play and the so emancipated, shining violin found each other till in the small nuances.”

– Delftsche Courant

“The Triple concert (Beethoven) … with soloists Vera Laporeva (violin), Aleksandr Khramouchin (cello) und Thomas Herrmann (piano) made one listen up: all three, certainly due to common music making in the “Erasmus Trio”, with which they already won renowned prizes, proved high technical ability and fine sense of true Ensemble spirit.”

– Westfälisches Volksblatt

“Masterful Duo(…) The duo Vera Laporeva (violin) and Thomas Herrmann (piano) devoted itself with dedication to the music of the 19th century, and the numerous spectators were very impressed by the performances of both instrumentalists.(…) The tone of the violin possessed a radiant shine, and the piano accompaniment with all virtuosity never took foreground. The confident interaction and masterly performance of the duo were always clearly recognizable.”

– Rheinische Post

“One feat was not yet over of the next was ready there. So the cheerfulness of the Scherzo took shape in the ease with which Vera Laporeva’s fingers scurried over the violin strings…”

– De Uitgeester

“The applause unwilling to stop at the end of the concert, finally provided a triple encore…The conclusion of the musical afternoon: Fascinating!”

– Neue Westfälische

“…the pianist Thomas Herrmann and violinist Vera Laporeva, each a soloist par excellence, made their interpretation art specially in ensemble music into a manifestation of music making pleasure, of youthful zest and of absolute technical precision.”

– Ascherslebener Zeitung