Vera Laporeva violinist

Author of ‘The adventures of an Orange Boy’

About ‘The adventures of the Orange Boy’

Vera Laporeva: author & violinist
Hans van den Boom: narrator
George Sosnovsky: composer
Thomas Herrmann: pianist
Oksana Arakcheyeva: illustrator
This reading and audio book consists of 16 stories. The main characters Tom, the orange boy and his dachshund Tata experience everything. The everyday things like going to school and falling in love for the first time, but also special events like attending the rehearsal of a large orchestra, going to the concert and saving someone’s life. All stories are ‘framed’ with music fragments, which have been written especially for this project and reflect the content of the stories. I also use existing recordings by the Metropole Orchestra and classical composers such as Handel, Beethoven and Saint-Saëns. This book is written for children ages 6 and up.

The price of the book with 2 CDs is € 29.95. The shipping costs are € 3.95.

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Digital version of the audiobook

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